Together Story

Every day there’s a story to be told and often we see people and wonder...what is their story? Where did their journey begin?
And how did they get to where they are now?
And sometimes we there really hope...
and can we help, even in the smallest way?

In 1996, Bill Byrne - an internationally accomplished composer, producer and musician - began donating his time, money and original music to support the efforts of the Union Gospel Mission in Spokane, WA. During that time he got to know some of the people they served and their stories. 

And he wondered, what if we shared their stories through music?

We could connect with people on an emotional level and inspire them to care for the poor and homeless. We could do more than write a check; we could reach our community with a message of love and compassion.

Bill shared his vision with his incredibly talented friends - singers, songwriters, musicians, artists, and business professionals. They loved the idea of this powerful collaboration and eagerly offered to freely give their time and talents. And so began TOGETHER.

This amazing group generously contributed hundreds of hours of their valuable time in the studio. Over many late nights and weekends they wrote, recorded and produced this unique album.

We hope the stories told through these songs will inspire you to help in some small way too!